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Ms. Fencik

Ms. Fencik is a native of Bayonne, NJ. She is a musician who studied at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro from 2002-2007. She has a Bachelors Degree in Instrumental and Vocal Music with a concentration in Trumpet and Piano Performance as well as a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from St. Peter's University.

Ms. Fencik's classes include Introduction to Music, Songwritng, Music Theory, Vocal Technique, Advanced Vocal Technique and Chorus. Ms. Fencik is the director of the vocal group St. Peter's Prep Vox. If there are any questions regarding these music classes please e-mail Ms. Fencik at the following address:



November Performances

Coming Soon!

December Performances 


Coming Soon! 

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St. Peter's Prep Vox

St. Peter's Prep Vox is an all-male vocal group associated with the school. 

The group is comprised of current Prep students from all grade levels. 

This group is responsible for all music held at each Liturgy, Annual Concerts, Music Festivals, and other performances throughout the community and in the US. Vox participates annually in a variety of music festivals, overnight trips, as well as a wide variety of group combined events. 

If you would like St. Peter's Prep Vox to perform at your event please contact

Ms. Fencik at

Radio City Music Hall 

December 30, 2018

Vox and St. Dom's 2019


Advanced Performance Ensemble of Vox 


"Spasniye Sodelal"


Michael Appello

Jaiden David

Adrian Richardson

Mason Holland

Thaddeus Goratowski

Andrew Smith

Max Rueda

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IMG_3171 (1)
Vox 2015-2016
vox 8
DSC_5975 (1)


Advance Performance Ensemble of

St. Peter's Prep Vox - Winter 2017

Members include:

Paolo Samin

Michael Appello

Zachary Birdsall 

Nicolas Galup

Sam Mullaney 

Adrian Richardson 

Francis Geltrude 

Thaddeus Goratowski 

Adrian Camano 

"White Winter Hymnal" - Pentatonix 

S.F.I.C. Concert - October 28th, 2016 
Les Miserables Medley 
St. Peter's Prep Vox and St. Dominic's Dominoes 
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